I’m currently working on documenting the many culinary creations of that come out of the talented kitchens of Sydney. With so many photographs of food these days, I thought it would be nice to show the ingredients and ideas that shape a beautiful plate. Thanks to all the chefs & cooks who have come on board and been so enthusiastic and patient shooting these with me! There are many more in the pipeline…


Seafood Bowl by Nic Wong @ Cho Cho San

Upside Down Ice-cream Cake by Katherine Sabbath 

Spring ewe milk’s curd, broad beans, capers, freekah, nasturtium & purslane by Peter Gilmore @ Quay Restaurant

Betel leaf, smoked river trout, peanut, green papaya & mint at Longrain Restaurant

Pippies by Lennox Hastie @ Firedoor

Baked eggplant salad with yoghurt, tahini, pomegranate & herbs by Stefano Marano @ The Apollo