Meet The Maker: Norman grows potatoes


Getting to know where your food comes from is just as much on trend these days as it is extremely important. So I’ve decided to share with you over the next few weeks, the pictures I’ve been shooting for a little project called Meet the Maker, with the wonderful people at Youth Food Movement Australia . Together we have been travelling around the NSW region to meet a number of local producers and to learn and document the work that they do. To date this project is up there as being one of the most enjoyable assignments I have ever worked on. Not only have I had the privilege to meet some inspiring and incredibly hard working farmers, I’ve also produced images that I am really proud of and this has stemmed from working on something that has truly inspired and taught me things that I’d never really had a true comprehension of before.

The first maker that we met was the lovely and ever humble Norm from Highland Gourmet Potatoes. Producing over 30 varieties of potatoes, Norm sells to a number of high end restaurants, markets and any passer by through his roadside stall on his property in Wildes Meadow. He and his family work incredibly hard to produce high quality produce for his customers and where he can he avoids using any form of chemicals during his harvest. Visiting his farm and seeing first hand the way he harvests his crop showed me the undying dedication he has to his craft. If you would like to see more images you can see them on my blog and on the YFM website.







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