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Shooting Lord Howe island has definitely been one of my highlights of this year! A few months back I was asked if I would be interested in shooting a feature on Lord Howe and participate in the Adventure Challenge Week that was being held on the island.

I spent just under a week on the island and stayed at Pinetrees Lodge under the amazing care of Dani and Luke, the owners. These two are seriously special people, on my first night they invited myself and Andy (a videographer who had also just arrived) over to their house for dinner. I had barely known them 5 minutes and the next thing I knew I was sitting on their couch reading their little girls bedtime stories before dinner. That’s the thing that makes Lord Howe so special, the actual island itself is pretty spectacular and I’ll get to that bit in a ¬†minute, but the people there are just as unique. Everyone’s so warm and friendly, people assume the good in you first and foremost upon meeting you and a lot of the island operates on good will & trust systems. I met some great characters on the Adventure Challenge week, we basically spent our time together trekking up mountains, chasing waterfalls, snorkelling and eating like kings. That’s not even an understatement.. Pinetrees knows how to put on a good lunch spread! In fact every meal I ate there was flawless.. gah the memories, take me back already!

As I mentioned before, the actual trees, rocks, leaves, birds etc that make up the island are pretty breathtaking. The whole place is just one big culmination of amazing landscapes, beautiful fresh air, unique wildlife and most notably, exclusivity. One of the things that makes this place so special is the lack of people. With a limited amount of visitors allowed on the island at any one time, you often find yourself completely alone to enjoy the wonder around you. I remember going off to shoot Ned’s beach, not particularly early, say around mid morning, not a cloud in the sky, beautiful crystal clear water and I was literally the only one on the beach. I remembered thinking to myself, how can I possibly have all of this to enjoy completely to myself.¬†It’s experiences like these that make you realise how beautiful the natural world we live in really is.

I have so many great memories from this trip that I could write about for days but I should probably stop here. I am so grateful to have been able to shoot such an amazing place, I hope that I will be back to visit again soon! Big thanks to Georgia from Aust. Traveller for making it all happen, Luke & Dani for being legendary hosts at Pinetrees and all the other great humans I met along the way.. Andy, Chris, Wendy, Dean, Dave, Al, Gabby… the list goes on! x

See below for the article in the December 2014 issue of Australian Traveller Magazine, some behind the scenes images and some of the shots that I took that I love but didn’t make the final cut..





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