George the tailor



One rainy Saturday I ventured over to Dulwich Hill to shoot a food & restaurant feature on the area for Broadsheet. I stumbled across an old tailors shop which immediately caught my eye. Inside were a group of elderly men sitting around chatting, the interior looked old but homely and it had posters of prominent political figures stuck all over the wall.

I stood outside looking in trying to muster enough courage to walk into the shop and see if I could possibly take a few snaps. All of a sudden one of the men beckoned aggressively for me to come inside. Not knowing what else to do I sheepishly walked inside. To my surprise the man, George invited me in and I explained that I was shooting a feature around the area and that his shop had caught my intention. I soon forgot about taking any pictures and found myself talking to George and his life long friends Nikolas, Bill, Percy and Theodore about their lives and their beliefs. Forty-five minutes later and I was still there enjoying a healthy conversation about the current state of Australian politics and the looming threat of climate change. These guys were my kind of guys haha! I eventually took some shots of them all and the shop and I’ll be sending them back the prints.

That afternoon represents one of those rare occasions that you experience on the job where you find yourself connecting with complete strangers, talking and laughing about the past and seriously questioning the future.



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