Country Valley




As part of the Meet the Maker project I have been working on with Youth Food Movement Australia I travelled out with the lovely Helena & Thea to meet John at his family run dairy farm down at Country Valley. John’s family have been running this farm for over 150 years. Pictured above you can see the three generations who have worked on the farm, John, his father and his son.

I have often wondered about how dairy farms operate, I think it is something that isn’t often discussed, particularly on large scale commercial dairy farms. John’s practices are definitely to be admired, he has compromised the size of his farm keeping the number of cows to around 100, so that he can focus on the quality of his milk, keeping the cows in good condition as well as making sure his impact on the surrounding environment is minimal. John also avoids selling his baby calves off to be sold as veal and has intentions of reducing his carbon footprint in the future through hopefully creating energy off the methane from his cows.

As always visiting this farm was an amazing learning experience, one that I wish us city folk could do more often. Seeing as a lot of us can’t make it to the farms, I hope that my images can help bring a greater understanding of the amazing work these farmers do.





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