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Almost three years ago when I was working as a photographer’s assistant I was given the opportunity to shoot Kylie Kwong and Alex Herbert at Eveleigh Markets for the Taste section of the Telegraph. I remember this being one of the first shoots that I was going to have published out there in the big wide world. I had a 7am call time and I was so nervous I could barely sleep the night before. In the end the shot turned out, okay.. (see below, LOL) I remember thinking how nerve wracking the whole experience was for me – shooting two high profile Sydney chefs, instructing them to hold vegetables, trying to them smile and feel relaxed. I think I even made Alex Herbert sit on a back to front chair as one of my shot options (what was I thinking!?) It was all such a new experience for me, I definitely didn’t feel like I nailed that one!

So then earlier this week, Georgia from Broadsheet asks if I’m free to shoot Kylie Kwong’s newly located restaurant, Billy Kwong in Potts Point. I was a little rushed that day so I didn’t have too much time to think about it until I got there and stood in front of Kylie and suddenly I realised I was a little nervous again. I’m not usually nervous on shoots, maybe it was just Kylie and the excitement of her new restaurant or maybe it brought back memories of that first shoot a few years back. Whatever it was it made me laugh a little to think back at how ridiculously nervous I was back then and how a little part of those nerves were still with me.

I suppose it’s kind of nice, someone once told me that if you’re nervous about a shoot it means you care. Despite the nerves, I definitely noticed how much more I now think about light and composition when I’m shooting instead of just rushing into a job and hoping it will just work out. It’s good to think back at how far (I hope) I’ve come since then but also at how much I still have to learn ahead of me!

Who knows when we will meet again Kylie Kwong nerves… 🙂

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